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ANYTHING SPORTS - 3 in 1 Pickleball Bundle - Pickleball Net, 4 Carbon Fiber Paddles and 4 Pickleballs

Complete Pickleball Bundle including a Pickleball net, four balls (two indoor and two outdoor), and four premium graphite paddles. Endorsed by multiple 5.0 players and tournament winners. A $400 value for $199.99. All you need to start playing with all of your friends. Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Thousands of units sold, thousands of happy customers.  Satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime warranty on net and paddles.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Our net, paddles and balls are championship level quality. Paddles are carbon fiber graphite, the highest quality pickleball paddles sold.
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE: The net ($150), Paddles ($50 each) and Balls ($20) are nearly a $400 value total, but now for a fraction of the price
  • EASY SETUP: Setting up the net is a breeze, parts "click" together and setup takes no more than 5 minutes. Play pickleball anywhere and everywhere!
  • NO DETAILS OVERLOOKED: Paddles have unique eye catching design and great grip. Net comes with carrying case, paddles come with carry bag.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: We stand by our products, 1 year warranty on all parts and pieces. USA Based Customer support out of Charlotte, NC. Support a small local business with your purchase. 

Free shippping on every order, delivery in 4-6 days.

30 Day Return Window after purchase

Customer Reviews

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Great product

We have had this set for over a year, and we just love it.


A great pickle ball set. It has everything and is well made, professional sized and perfect for hours of fun. I love it and the grandchildren love it more. Great outdoor activity.

Really rugged netting

A durable, complete set in my opinion. The paddles are sturdy with a good weight and comfortable grip. The netting has excellent craftsmanship. Simple to set up. The net stands solid once expanded on a flat surface. Good net frame. A good gift set. Has a convenient carry bag.

Jolly design on paddles and easy to set up

If you have a flat place to set this up - like a church car park - this is a fun set. You can use masking tape or chalk as temporary striping for a casual game and introduction to pickle ball for a bit of fun. As a hint to get a right-angle at the corner make a triangle. A court is 44ft long inclusive of lines and 20 feet wide - so half the court is 22ft and the diagonal you need to make is 29 ft 8.8 in long to make a right-angle at the corner.

If you have more than 4 you can run it as a relay where a person swaps out at each end after a hit.

You need a hard surface so you can't play it on grass - as I did with Titch Tennis as a child - but you could use the net and paddles with a tennis ball for a casual hitting game where you didn't need to bounce the ball on a hard surface as in real pickleball.

So the set is useful for a variety of hitting games - not just pickleball.

Great family fun!

This was a lot easier to put together than I initially thought. The Pickleball net took maybe ten minutes the first time setting it up and after that, it is just minutes to set up and break down. The net and poles have their own handy carrying case, while the paddles and accessories have their own storage bag, which is great because nothing gets scratched up moving the bags around.

The net is 22 feet in length, so you do need a large area to play. We use it sideways on the driveway for now as I live on a busy street and can't set it up there. We are planning to take it to the school parking lot one weekend and try it there as well for the full court experience.

The paddles are lightweight and graphically pleasing. Nothing cheap about anything in this setup in my opinion. I love the fact that the net has support in the middle so that it does not sag. Well thought out setup.

Overall, we have come to learn pickleball as a family and absolutely love this high quality set!

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12 Month No Questions Asked Warranty

12 Month warranty on net, carry cases and paddles- no questions asked

Tournament Grade Equipment

These paddles have been battle tested in 5.0+ and open tournament play.

Easy Assembly

The net "clicks" together and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Can be taken down and put into carry case for easy transportation in less than 5.

USAPA Approved

Net, paddles and balls are all USAPA approved.

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High Quality Metal Poles

There is a 12 month warranty on all parts, including the paddles, balls, carry case and net- no questions asked.

All the parts "click" together, so setup is 5 minutes and taking the net apart is 5 minutes as well.

Depending on your zip code, you should receive your pickleball bundle within 4-5 days of purchase.

The paddles are USAPA approved and routinely get played with in 4.0-5.0 tournaments