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ANYTHING SPORTS - 40 and 60 Foot - Full Batting Cage - Baseball Batting Cage, Softball Batting Cage, Complete Package with Frame and Netting


We are back with another best selling batting cage.  This is the perfect at home, backyard cage, or the perfect team cage for any baseball or softball team.  We have 40 and 60 foot options, the cage comes with everything you need, all poles/frame and netting.  Setup is doable with 2 people, but best with 3-4.  This is a medium duty cage at an incredible price. There is a cutout for pitching machines which customers love.  This will last you years, and we will be here for post sale support, lifetime warranty, if you need a replacement part we will get you one no questions asked!

Contact me at evan@lacrossescoop.com with any questions

  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: The batting cage cage comes with all poles and netting included. A heavy duty cage, don't settle for a flimsy "pop up" cage that won't last.
  • EASY SETUP/DISASSEMBLY: Collapsible design makes cage much easier to assemble and disassemble. 4 People Advised to assemble together, as few as 2 people is doable. Pieces "click" together for easier assembly.
  • DIMENSIONS: 40 foot long cage is approximately 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, 10 feet tall. Poles for four arches. Around 110 pounds and will ship in 1 box.
  • TRUSTWORTHY BRAND: We are a family owned small business out of Charlotte, NC. We have sold thousands of batting cages to countless happy customers. We will always stand by our products and make any situation right for our customers. 1 Year warranty on all parts and net but we will take care of issues after that as well. You can trust our latest Batting Cage model.
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE: Similar batting cages sell for up to $300-500 more.

30 Day Return Window after purchase. Free Shipping on every order, ships in 1 box, 110 LB for 40ft cage, 145 LB for 60ft cage. Delivery in 5-6 days after puchase

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Calidad pobre

Que Lastima, que decepción, la malla es de una calidad muy pobre, casi se ve de juguete y deberían de poner un poquito más de instrucciones.

Exceeded my expectations

We live in a residential area and can't let baseballs go into neighbors' yards. This batting cage was easy to set up, and handles baseballs shot from a pitching machine up to 100 mph with no problems. This was a wonderful buy, and I have no doubt it will last the next few years while my 14-year old son is still in high school. At under $800 for the 40-foot cage, the price can't be beat! A+++

Great net for the money

We just purchased this net and had it set up in about two hours. (An hour to piece frame together). You definitely need two people, maybe more for assembly. It’s not as easy to set up as the video leads you to believe because it uses ropes to stake it down versus the stabilizer bars shown in the video. Stabilizer bars were not included.
They have you put the net under the bars so the net continually gets caught on the hooks as you’re trying to set it up, which is why you need more people to help.
Once assembled, it is really sturdy. We had some high winds and that thing didn’t move.
We love the cut out hole so we can keep the pitching machine on the outside.
Overall it’s a really great cage, hoping it lasts for some time as we will need it for the next few years!!

Great Backyard Addition

We've had the 40' version up for about a month now. Was able to handle all of the setup with 1 person, aside from standing the arches up and spacing them out.

Couple of observations: the opening for a pitching machine is pretty massive. Yes, it works as a door, but it's way bigger than it needs to be, for what it's intended and pretty much any hard hit ball up the middle is shooting right through it unless you either close it off with the little velcro wraps every time you go in and out, or just close it off entirely and lift the net to go in and out. I ended up rolling it back down a bit from the top and then using my L screen to block off the bottom, leaving just enough of an opening for our pitching machine to shoot through. There's plenty of slack in the sides of the net for entry and exit by lifting up over your head.

The instructions are somewhat unclear in indicating that the net is to be hung from the underside of the arches. I didn't understand completely during setup, and managed to put it together with the arches INSIDE the net. I feel like this is actually a little bit better in the long run, as the weight of the net is now spread across the full span of the arch and not just suspended from 3 points of contact on each arch. The net still reaches the ground just fine, and has less sag, so the ball has a little more head room to fly without getting caught up in it. The frame poles might take a bit more of a beating from direct hits, but it's a trade off I'm willing to live with.

the ground anchors, for my yard, had to be upgraded. They're medium-duty straight spikes. Something like this, with any sort of moisture in the soil and a stiff cross-breeze, will yank those right out of the ground. I bought 16" earth anchors from a big box store and twisted them into the ground. Don't forget to pluck the anchor ropes twice after tightening down, and repeat the phrase, "yeah, it's not goin' anywhere." It's the rules when it comes to tying things down. Google it.

Also, you really do need to lift the bottom edge off the ground by a couple feet whenever the cage is not in use. If you leave the net in contact with the ground, it will be a matter of 1-2 days before you have holes chewed in it from rabbits that get stuck in it like a fishing net. We had several holes within 3 days, and my wife had to pull a trapped rabbit out of our dog's mouth. Getting in the habit of keeping it up off the ground makes it easier to mow around, as well.

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Similar cages sell for $1,200-$1,500, our cage performs at a much cheaper price.

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12 month no questions asked warranty on all parts- we stand by our products

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Batting cage ships in 1 box with everything you need, 110-145 LB depending on length. Shipping is included in the price and the product will get to you in 5-6 days.

Customer Questions & Answers

Ropes with Stakes

It is closed on all sides except one end has a small opening for a pitching machine that can be closed.

There is no way to anchor the poles with what is included in the unit. There are U shaped stakes included to help secure the poles, but not the level of anchoring.


12 Months, no questions asked on any parts or netting.